How is the light in the bathroom waterproof? How is the mirror waterproof and fog resistant?

Recommended Answer: Currently on the market there are waterproof lights, anti-fog mirrors, waterproof lights are relatively sealed, moisture can not enter the lamp inside, so it will play a role in waterproofing.

The anti-fog mirror is a heating device behind the mirror that can evaporate the water vapor attached to the mirror, so that the mirror looks like no fog.

1, the other fog does not affect the glass bulb, the problem is that the fog into the lamp holder will cause a short circuit, treatment advice: 1, after the bulb is tightened, in the lamp holder and the bulb gap surface with a temperature-resistant tape or pressure sensitive Adhesive tape (resistance to 125 degrees, no ordinary plastic tape) Wrap a few layers; 2. The hole between the lamp line and lamp holder is filled with silicone (704 or 705);


2, if it is an ordinary mirror, you can try on a clean mirror first with a little water to wet, and then evenly put a little soap in the mirror on the entire mirror, we can also put the soap on the hand, in the application On the mirror surface, this does not prevent the anti-fog effect of the bathroom mirror.

After about 1-2 minutes, use a soft, clean rag to wipe the mirror soap, and then down, we will find that the soap bar looks smooth and filled with rugged places, so that small Liquids such as water droplets and steam cannot be adsorbed, and the mirror surface is naturally smooth and smooth.

In addition to using soap, our dishwashing liquid is also a practical method for bathroom mirror anti-fog coups. First of all, I use a dry rag to dip a little detergent on the mirror, remember not to dilute it with water, let it be outside A layer of isolation is formed on the mirror surface, and the water vapor in the air is isolated. Then it is wiped off with a dry towel or detergent. In this way, our mirror is very bright and beautiful. This principle is mainly due to the inside of the detergent. Some active ingredients prevent condensation of water vapor on the mirror surface and prevent mirror fogging.

In everyday life, a variety of skin care products are indispensable, and the commonly used body lotion has a good effect on anti-fog phenomena in bathroom mirrors.


As long as the body lotion is applied on the mirror, it is evenly coated by hand. It is also possible to use a brush, and then wipe it off with a towel in a few minutes. This will help isolate the water vapor in the air from the mirror. The impact of the self, and second, the gloss of the mirror coated with moisturizer will be more full, a simple and practical method of daily care of the mirror.

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